George Clooney Plays a Fantasy Bridegroom in a New Norwegian Commercial

The Set

Every time a huge, A-list Hollywood celebrity of the highest reputation appears in an overseas commercial that leaks on the internet, it's like a little present from god. Do they really think they're pulling one over on American audiences? They're like little children who think if they close their eyes they can't be seen. Oh, Julia and George and Dustin, we have the Internet now! One world, all that! Anyway, the latest example from veritable Western European commercial king George Clooney is a doozy!

In an ad for a Norwegian bank, a beautiful woman wakes up in a hotel room bewildered to find evidence that she got married the night before. She's wearing a comically huge rock on her finger, and Polaroids of herself and a mysterious horse-head-wearing groom litter the room. (Is the horse head a Norwegian tradition? No idea.)

No sooner does she hold up her wedding gown than none other than George Clooney walks in and reveals himself to be her new husband! He then shows her a house he's picked out for them and pronounces a Norwegian word, probably very well. I am not joking when I say I have had a dream exactly like this, except instead of showing me the house we're going to live in in Norway, The Cloon said "I just want you to relax, have a good time, and fall in love with me." And also we're on a cruise. Anyway, I digress. To the commercial!

Georgie is already well-known for his European-market ads for Nespresso coffee machines, of course, and I reference him whenever I rave about my own Nespresso espresso machine. Hmmmm! I probably won't be opening a Norwegian savings account any time soon, however, so this time the "stealth marketing to Americans?" angle doesn't work.

[Via Copyranter]