A Genius, That’s Who!


"Today": There are way too many questions to be answered about this emu story for "Today" to only give it 21 seconds of air time! For instance, who owns an emu? And how did they know that the emu was looking for a mate, is someone communicating with it? If so, wouldn't that be a bigger story than an emu in the streets? And why is it named Taco, does it love to eat tacos? The next time there's an emu-gency such as this, I'm gonna need more answers!

"GMA": Oh, so THAT's what that emu was doing on the highway... he was chasing down the Russian truck piled with hay! Also, I'm not sure how much Norah "Chief White House Correspondent" O'Donnell is enjoying doing light and fluffy morning news duty. While Charlie, Gayle and the rest of us were yukkin' it up at the hay truck that looked like a McDonald's Fry Guy, no-nonsense Norah scolded us all with a stern "well that's awfully silly!" Ooh, control room BURN!

"The Jeff Probst Show": Jeff's singing voice kinda sounds like a cross between Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman and that emu from "Today"! They joke that it's the new theme song for Jeff's show but I say why joke about it? Go ahead and make it the new song! This is the perfect addition to thrust Jeff's show into "Oprah" status! And if not, at least we'll all get a good laugh.

"Home & Family": Who was sitting around thinking "I love toast, but I just don't have the time to push the lever down on the toaster"? A genius, that's who!

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