It’s a Gas!


"Today": Controversy today on "Today" when Natalie re-gifted Al's homemade bath salts that he gave her! Yes, apparently Al makes bath salts! Weird!

"Ellen": I just got wind of what Christina Aguilera said about Blake and Cee-Lo on "Ellen" today. Don't listen to that old bag! Take it from me: working with all boys is fun. In fact, it's a gas!

"CBS This Morning": Man, I feel bad for whichever unlucky camera guy gets Gayle King's name in the "CBS This Morning" Secret Santa draw. She's gotta be tough to shop for. What do you get the woman who gets everything from the richest woman in the country? She's one of Oprah's favorite Kings!

"Anderson Live": Anderson loves to show interesting products which is why the breast feeding doll came to light today. But I feel like the only way to judge how amusing a products truly is, is with the Anderson giggle test. The longer and more intense Anderson's giggle fit is, the better the product! Which means the breast feeding doll comes in just ahead of the Swiffer onesie that cleans your floor while your baby crawls around the house!

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