Gap-toothed brothers from another mother


"CBS This Morning": So, to sum up today's "CBS This Morning": News, news, Charlie Rose, red light traffic cam story, Richard Lewis, more news... and Victoria's Secret models. Yep, something for everybody!

"Today": Who ever said being a DJ was easy, might have been correct… seeing as how a cat can do it! But then again maybe cat's are just super talented, I mean they can lick themselves clean which seems like a pretty tough thing to do. So maybe being a DJ is really difficult after all and only highly trained people, and cats, can do it!

"Live! with Kelly Michael": Wow, Jane Fonda might be the only person on Earth who would look at Michael Strahan's mouth and blurt out, "hey, you have Ted Turner teeth!" Yep, turns out they're gap-toothed brothers from another mother! And according to Jane, it's a sign of "a great sense of humor". And amazing whistling ability!

"Good Day New York": I was pretty blown away to see that "Today" sent one of their top anchors to the UK to cover Kate's pregnancy, so it was nice to see this show not make such a big deal out of it! One thing is for sure though, if you didn't know what acute morning sickness was two days ago now you do! But since it has a long medical name, hyperemesis gravidarum, maybe now they'll just call it having 'Kate Middelton sickness'!

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