The Gap in Her Co-Host Chair


"Today": Ever want to live in a sea shell by the sea shore? Well, you're in luck because "" features house in Carmel, California that's a sea shell by the sea shore - for sale! (That is, if you have four million dollars to shell out!)

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": So, Strahan it is! Well, this has to go down as one of the biggest trades in TV history. Kelly Ripa gets Michael Strahan to fill the gap in her co-host chair, and the New York Giants get 79-Year-Old Regis Philbin! Personally, I like this deal for the Giants...

"The View": I'm pretty sure that by this point Whoopi is just finding odd objects around the house and having them turned into shoes. Today's shoes had sort of hexagon shaped base attached to the bottom of some flats and spray painted with neon colors. At least they make for a good laugh and a conversation starter, because there's no way she can walk in those things! If there's a fire in the studio, I wonder who is responsible for carrying her out of the building… Barbara?!

"Good Day LA": The carousel of co-hosts for Steve Edwards continued today with another random blonde lady from some show on some cable network with some sort of accent. It's kind of like a poor man's "Live" where Kelly Ripa had a bunch of different co-hosts, except in this case they're aren't recognizable and nobody will even notice if they eventually fill the seat with someone full time. Plus, I feel bad for Steve, the guy's getting up there in age so there's no way he is keeping all of these names straight! No wonder he just keeps saying "hey you" every time he talks to them!

"GMA": Wow, did you hear that, The Rock? (Or what should I call you... Mr. Rock, sir? His Rockiness?) Anyway, "GMA's" Josh Elliott openly disputed your height on the air today! He claimed that there's "no way" that you're actually 6 foot 5, and he even went so far as to insinuate that he's taller than you! I sense a battle royale coming, or WrestleMania proportions. Rock, can you smell what the Josh is cookin'?

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