'Game of Thrones' as a Medieval-Park Comedy? Hilarious!

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Meet Eddie Stark, manager of Medieval Land Fun-Time World. He needs to get the park's employees in shape, or else "I'm right back to finger-painting college."

That's the hilarious set-up to this new "Game of Thrones" parody by the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel. All the characters from "Game of Thrones" are dubbed, and the effect is weird, raunchy, nonsensical, and very, very funny.

There's whiny Jojo (aka King Joffrey), who tends to get slapped a lot, and Jimmy Whisper (aka Jaime Lannister), who tells Eddie, "Today, I got a cheesesteak. Then I got a Walkman."

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Elsewhere in the park, Denise (Daenerys Targaryen) and her brother are arguing.

"You're so mean. You're so mean!" Denise yells.

"Well, you're a big toot," he throws back.

"Well, you jerk, at least I never kissed Johnny Shotsman!" she crows.

Gasping, he responds, "He was a Capricorn!"

There's a whole thing about kitten meat (ew), Peter Dinklage scatting about Darth Vader, several butt jokes, and an extended fart sequence. IT'S GENIUS!

"Game of Thrones" returns in spring 2014 on HBO.