A Gaggle Of Doughy Dancin’ Dudes!


"Today": Wow, I thought the flour shower put on by those kids was the most ridiculous thing I'd see on TV today! However, the messy moves of their next guests, a gaggle of doughy dancin' dudes from Louisiana who call themselves "The 610 Stompers"? Everything else pales in comparison!

"The View": When they were talking about Justin Bieber's mustache (or lack thereof) Sherri was trying really hard to get her joke in about Justin looking like Tom Selleck the next time he comes on. But nobody really laughed. Probably because Justin has no idea who Tom Selleck is, but also because Tom's mustache is legendary and shouldn't be used in throwaway jokes like that! Respect the 'stache Sherri!

"Live! with Kelly": Well, it took Regis 28 years to hang 'em up, but Jerry Seinfeld took his victory lap after THREE measly days. It's too bad, too.. Jerry always said he wanted to work on a show about nothing, and he finally found it!  Next up, Neil Patrick Harris! I give him a week, before "someone at the hospital" just happens to send an "emergency page for Dr. Howser"...

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