Gagged Via American Flag: CBS Shares 'Hostages' Art

Fall TV

There's a new, powerful, stressed-out female professional in Washington, and she's in "Hostages," brought to life by the dynamic Toni Collette. Her character is a surgeon trying to save our nation's capital and her family from the equally watchable yet totally dangerous rogue FBI agent Dylan McDermott. Thank you, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, for bringing high-octane thrills (we hope) to the fall season.

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The posters are cool, with the American flag gags and the cold stares. Collette plays a mom and doctor in Washington, D.C., who has a pretty important husband: the president of the United States! And Duncan Carlisle (McDermott) is a bad guy who wears a lot of black, owns more than a few ski masks, and wants Dr. Toni to kill the president. If she doesn't, he will kill her family, including her two kids. Not sure if the doctor's family includes a lovable golden retriever, but it wouldn't be surprising.

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We look forward to the flag gags coming off. It's interesting that both the hero and the bad guy are gagged in the poster, and it suggests a midseason plot twist where we learn that McDermott isn't as bad as he seems. Regardless, this show has promise, right? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below. That's the American way.

Watch a sneak peek of "Hostages":