Fox News Confuses NCAA and NAACP... Just Like 'Saturday Night Live' Parody

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TVApril 9, 2014

They say the best jokes have a foot in reality, but nonetheless, it was still surprising when a "Saturday Night Live" joke actually came to pass Tuesday morning on "Fox & Friends."

Host Heather Childers called the University of Connecticut Huskies the "NAACP national champs" — though she meant NCAA.

The slip-up is even funnier because it was predicted on a "Saturday Night Live" sketch last weekend. In the show's recurring parody of "Fox & Friends," Bobby Moynihan's Brian Kilmeade declared he's "tried for years to join the NAACP."

When Vanessa Bayer's Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked why, he replied, "Well, I just loved college basketball."

What's next? Will Fox News air a correction that "Game of Thrones" is not an adult version of musical chairs?