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Four of Our Most Burning Questions From Episode 2 of ‘Twisted’

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"Twisted" - "Pilot""Twisted" - "Pilot"

We're about to see the third episode of ABC Family's new drama "Twisted," but the tension is already high and fans are growing anxious to find solutions to some of the show's many unanswered questions. Here are some of our top questions from last Tuesday’s episode:

1. Is Danny Desai trustworthy?

According to this photo, the answer may appear to be no:

@AshtonMoio @BrittanyCurran @MadelaineHasson @kyliebunbury on a scale of 1 to 10 how creepy is @ATJogia sometimes?

— Avan Jogia (@BlackburnArmy) June 17, 2013

But audiences are at the ready with theories:

Has anyone thought that maybe Danny has a third copy of the necklace? Maybe the aunt had one, Regina had one, and Karen had one? #twisted

— Made for a Big City (@Madeforthecity) June 19, 2013

Perhaps when the secret of the necklace surfaces, we'll move closer to understanding why someone wanted to kill Regina — and whether that person was Danny.

2. Are the Jonas Brothers still relevant?

A sly little comment about the Jonas Brothers no longer being relevant led to a flood of tweets pouring in from fans both in agreement and thoroughly opposed:



— Twisted (@teenwolfaddictt) June 19, 2013

"We'd talk about the Jonas Brothers, they were sort of still relevant" Omg that was great. #Twisted is just great.

— ♡ramona♡ (@rammcamm) June 19, 2013


"Boys, toys, the Jonas Brothers, that's when they were sorta still relevant." Oh no! They did not just go there...#Twisted

— Shania Sabrina ° (@x_shaniisabzx) June 19, 2013

"When Jonas Brothers were still relevant?!" Well I'm not happy right now.... #twisted

— Lovebug♥ (@zanessababyyx) June 19, 2013

3. What was going on with the hairbrush?

In general, "Twisted" isn't played for laughs, but then there was the following moment:

Chinese man: can I please brush your hair; woman: don't ask me that again, it's creepy; chinese man: *sniffs hair brush* #twisted ahahahaha

— Kayla Paratore (@Kaylamariex0x0) June 19, 2013

We still don't know what to make of it exactly.

Denise Richards, who was live tweeting the show last week, commented on the ridiculous moment:

@Rock_Star_Sixx I love that scene it's so unexpected that he would pull out a brush!!! #TwistedChat

— Denise Richards (@DENISE_RICHARDS) June 19, 2013


4. Whom should we be shipping?

Fans sounded off on their preferences:

Yeah still don't know if I have a ship yet but I'd kind of like to see Archie and Lacey hook up #twisted

— Heather Campbell (@HeatherTVEA) June 19, 2013

Lacey is a jerk. I think I want Danny & Jo to be together. #twisted

— Claire Huxtable (@Britkins07) June 19, 2013

But it seems the cast members may have their own pairings already established: