Will Forte Tells Jimmy Fallon about Getting Caught in a Compromised Position; Amy Sedaris Models ‘The Weekender’ Pants

The Set

It's rare for a talk show to book two unrelated guests whose sensibilities fit together like puzzle pieces, but that's what happened last night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Both Will Forte and Amy Sedaris seamlessly incorporated physical comedy into their interviews...but only one made Fallon literally fall out of his chair.

First up was Forte, who told the tale of a drunken bachelor party that ended with him waking up beside a stranger's pool, in a very awkward situation.

Then came Sedaris. After mentioning her new Downy Unstopables campaign, she told Fallon that Maidenform had sent her a new product for review: stretchy pants known as The Weekender. Now that she's used national television to model them, Sedaris probably shouldn't expect Maidenform to send her anything else.

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