The Five Things We’ll Miss About ‘The Playboy Club’

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These bunnies have been put out to pasture (John Russo/NBC)
These bunnies have been put out to pasture (John Russo/NBC)

(Television Without Pity) — Now that "The Playboy Club" has been axed, we'll probably never find out if Nick Dalton wins whatever political race he was gaming for, or if that cute little lesbian bunny will ever make out with Maureen, or how long it will take before the mob boss's body turn ups. But honestly, aside from maybe the potential lesbian-smooching, we really don't care about any those things at all. In fact, the mysteries were never all that engaging, which might be one reason this show has become fall's first casualty. There are, however, a few things we will miss. Five, to be exact.

Bunny Brenda's Plucky Spirit
She was a bunny with a plan and a never-say-die attitude, and she wasn't totally annoying. We'll miss you, Bunny Brenda.

The Costumes
The bunny costumes are adorable in their demure-by-today's-standards sort of way.

The Bunny House Where They Danced Around in Lingerie
Not that the lingerie was revealing, but it was period-appropriate and the scenes in the bunny house were actually the most enjoyable of the whole show. Let's do the locomotion, everybody.

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Mrs. Channing Tatum's Overacting
Let's give it up for Bunny Janie (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), who always gave it the old college try with her dramatic pouts and storming-off scenes. We'll especially miss her giant pouf of hair.

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David Krumholtz Being Gainfully Employed
Billy Rosen (David Krumholtz) was the most interesting character the show had, what with his gambling problems and his ability to manage the Playboy Club. And we were genuinely happy that Krumholtz was on a series (even this one). Maybe this former "Numb3rs" star can parlay his TV math skills to a role on "The Big Bang Theory."

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