5 Reasons the 'Psych' Comic-Con Panel Did Not 'Suck (It)'

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Thursday's "Psych" panel at San Diego Comic-Con had Cary Elwes ("Psych's" Pierre Despereaux and, of course, "The Princess Bride's" Westley) as the master of ceremonies for a panel so stacked, it ran out of chairs. Executive producers Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak and series creator Steve Franks joined series stars Kirsten Nelson, Tim Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Dulé Hill, and James Roday, which left show staff scrambling to find a seat for Corbin Bernsen, who reclined on the lip of the stage for a while, indulging his inner Cleopatra.


Check out the panel's highlights:

1. James Roday is now on Twitter. Not to be outdone, Steve Franks joined him. Who would accumulate the most followers by the end of the panel? Though Franks was worried that it would be "like, 93,000 to 12," the hour ended with a very respectable 6,407 for Roday to 1,270 for Franks.

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2. The fan vote is in! Two extra episodes of the show were ordered, and one of them would be decided by the Psych-os in an online vote. The decision: dream therapy! So stay tuned for next season's episode, "A Nightmare on State Street."

3. What three things hasn't "Psych" done? Harry Potter, London, and Guy Ritchie gangster movies, apparently. Which is why Franks announced they would be doing all three at once, "with a sprinkling of Cary Elwes." Need more? Kulchak could barely get out "Gus in Gryffindor robes" without collapsing into a fit of giggles.

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4. The musical episode (which was screened Wednesday night near the Con) will air December 15. Frank says he's been planning to do a musical episode "since the end of the pilot."

5. The entire panel was nearly upstaged by 9-year-old Natalie, whose family holds regular "suck it" competitions. Her well-honed "Suck it!" got a rousing cheer from the crowd. Roday and Hill followed it up with their own stirring, musically punctuated take. "I still like your version best, though, Natalie!" said Hill.

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