Get your first look at HBO’s new Hitchcock biopic ‘The Girl’ [Video]

Fall TV

Film buffs, mark your calendars: October 20 brings the premiere of HBO's new original movie "The Girl," which examines the obsessive relationship between iconic film director Alfred Hitchcock (Toby Jones) and his beautiful blond muse Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller).

HBO just released the first trailer for "The Girl," and it's just as creepy as we imagined, with Jones reciting an odd limerick in Hitchcock's trademark tone, staring intently at Miller while framing her with his hands, and looking on coldly as she's pummeled by bloodthirsty birds while filming 1963's "The Birds." The real-life Hedren has already seen the HBO film and describes the real Hitch as "an extremely sad character... We're dealing with a brain here that was an unusual genius, and evil, and deviant, almost to the point of dangerous." She adds of Hitchcock's fixation on her: "It wasn't love... when you love someone, you treat them well."

[Photos: Check Out Sienna Miller and Toby Jones in HBO's 'The Girl']

Jones may not look exactly like the famed auteur -- is it just us, or does he not look plump enough? -- but he certainly channels Hitchcock's mad genius here. (We especially like the sly little bird hand gesture he slips in at the premiere.) And this isn't the first time the English actor has taken on a historical figure: He played author Truman Capote in 2006's "Infamous," which unfortunately got overshadowed by Philip Seymour Hoffman's Oscar-winning performance in "Capote" the previous year. Maybe Jones can get his revenge by scoring an Emmy next year for creeping us out so effectively as Hitch.

"The Girl" premieres Saturday, 10/20 at 8 PM on HBO.