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First Line of Defense

Daytime in No Time

"Today": Matt Lauer "surfed" to work today, so on Monday I'm expecting Savannah to ride a boogie board in to the office (she's not as athletic as Matt, otherwise I'd want her to paraglide in!)

"Wendy": If you didn't already know, I love dancing on Friday! So, I was super pumped when I saw that Wendy was doing an audience dance-off on her show! And her contestants were all so good that it filled the void I normally fill with my own dance party Friday celebration! So, instead of watching me and my friends dance goofy today, just check out Wendy and you'll be satisfied!

"Ellen": We all know Halle Berry is a great actress, but who knew she was such a good impressionist?! If she just adds a few more bits to go along with the impression of her daughter's pathetic monkey and her daddy long-legs spider, she can take that act out on the road!

"Divorce Court": If you're going through a divorce that largely stems from being caught in the act of cheating, you probably want a better first line of defense than saying, "I was never cheating on her." I mean you could literally say anything else, like "I had temporary amnesia" or "I thought the blonde-haired lady at the bar was my wife in disguise" and you would have a better chance of people believing you!

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