Fill All The People With Impish Delight


"GMA": Morning shows are pretty tightly scripted... gotta get in the news, traffic and weather every 20, after all! But sometimes, just sometimes, if you look and listen hard enough, you'll catch the moments when they accidentally veer off of the script. Like this morning's forecast, when Sam Champion suddenly decided to lead his fellow GMA anchors in an impromptu Carpenters sing-along. "Just liiike meeeee, they long to beeeee… close to you..." Thanks, Sam! Now I have a 100% chance of having that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day! :]

"Today": Watching the video of the guy being attacked by an alligator was a little bit disturbing. Hearing the crew laugh about the incident after was even more disturbing! But I suppose if a person is dumb enough to stand over a gator, put a towel over it's head and hope that he's in the clear when he grabs it, I guess it's fine to laugh! Ha ha ha! But seriously, I hope he's okay!

"Ellen": Wait, did Ellen just say that viral video wunderkinds Sophia Grace and Rosie are from the same UK hometown as Russell Brand? Wow. Something in the water over there must fill all the people with impish delight. And an endless need for attention. So, whatever the UK equivalent of Hollywood is, then...

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