Feel It! Feel It!


"Today": The "Today" team is all suited up for the weekend's final NFL showdown! Hoda and KLG tossing the old pigskin through a tire! An interview with some super fans who've been to EVERY big game! A New York versus New England culinary cookoff! Al Roker on a zip line! Wait! Al Roker on a zip line? I'm not a big sports fan, but even I know that has nothing to do with football!

"GMA": I'm glad to see that World Cup octopus isn't the only animal making big sports predictions these days. "GMA" had meerkats, camels, and orangutans (all with great track records) picking the Super Bowl winner. And I can't wait to get in on this action! I've got some mold living on a plate of nachos in my fridge who says the New England Tom Brady guys are gonna win this weekend. Sorry Eli Manning fans, but Moldy has been right six years in a row!

"CBS This Morning": Donnie Wahlberg may not be a New Kid anymore, but during his interview with Gayle King this morning, he let it slip that back in the day, he wrote the hit song "Good Vibrations" for his lil bro Maaahky! Well, maybe you did bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme, there, Donnie boy... but I'm pretty sure Calvin Klein and somebody's funky bunched-up abs get the credit for that #1 hit. FEEL IT, FEEL IT!

"Ellen": Ellen was joined at the sports desk today by last year's Super Bowl hero from the Packers (and fellow natural blonde) Clay Matthews, to do a preview of the Big Game. (Clay was the one with the long flowing hair. Naturally.)

"Good Day New York": I'm not sure why, but I'm completely obsessed with reporter Duke Castiglione's laugh, it's just so infectious and awesome in every way! Sooo, needless to say this girl has got herself a new ring tone!

"Access Hollywood Live": Whenever I've had to travel for work with other co-workers someone always makes that joke about us staying in the same room together, because obviously that never really happens on work trips. But that's why you gotta love "AHL" because they do things their own way, also known as the inexpensive way! Poor Kit, staying in a room with two guys is never fun, especially when Billy was probably acting like a 12—year-old at a slumber party!

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