All the Fanilows Out There!


"Ellen": Well, I don't know how much Jerry O'Connell and I would have to talk about if we ever met... but Vern Tessio? His character from "Stand By Me"? Yeah, Vern and I would have at least one thing in common… because we both agree that if we could only have one food for the rest of our lives. That's easy. Pez! Cherry flavored Pez. There's no question about it!

"Access Hollywood Live": They showed some very revealing video from a recent Brooke Burke lingerie photo shoot, and later Kit talked at great length about a new line of female personal massage devices endorsed by Alicia Silverstone. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, except that 14-year-old Rico Rodriguez from "Modern Family" was sitting right there on the couch! If your main guest has to cover his eyes and plug his ears for portions of the show, you might want to think about getting some different content!

"GDNY": I'm sure Barry Manilow has experienced many crazed fans in his day, but you couldn't tell that when he was reacting to Rosanna being a completely annoying groupie! When someone's acting like that I think you're supposed to smile and go along with it until you can run away. But he just sat there looking awkwardly at her with a mean look on his face. C'mon Barry, don't you know you'd be nothing with all the Fanilows out there!

"Ricki Lake": Ricki was doing some real-life, super hot and kinda dirty dancing on stage today! And all I can say is, "nobody backs Ricki into a corner!"

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