Fan Names Stud Bull Calf After Michael Strahan


Looks like the pressure is on for Michael Strahan! "Live!" got an unusual fan letter on Tuesday from Mary Lou King, a dairy farmer and nurse from Pennsylvania who was a guest on the show last month.

After appearing on "Live!" in its "unstoppable moms" segment, Mary Lou found a special way to return the favor: When two new calves were born on her farm, she named the pair Ripa and Strahan!

Aww! Ripa, the calf, has an adorable little heart shape on her forehead!

And as for Strahan? Well, according to Mary Lou's letter, they don't normally keep the male bull calves on their farm, "unless they have an awesome pedigree, and we’ll use them for future breeding."

Fortunately, Michael got the news that they "expect great performances out of Strahan"!

Did Michael start to blush when he was asked if he was strong like bull? YeahWell, that's not really his style. It His reaction was more in the "sexy wink" category, as he looked right in the camera and reassured everyone:,

"Let me tell you what, Mary Lou … Strahans ALWAYS always deliver."

As for Kelly, well after she was complimented on Ripa the calf's "nice udders," when she practically booked herself a trip to Chester County, Pennsylvania, to make a visit, with this unusual request: "I want to go there and milk myself when the time comes!"

We're starting to get the idea that this farm probably has an old bob-tail nag named Regis somewhere?

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