The Facekini is a Real Thing


"Today": You know what I learned from the viral video of celebs repeating the same answers? That celebs (as a whole) repeat themselves! That celebs (as a whole) repeat themselves. I'm implying that I'm a celeb, too. In case you didn't get that. In case you didn't get that.

"GDLA": I don't care how many stories and photos I see, I refuse to believe that the facekini is a real thing! I'm pretty sure that the folks over in China are just playing a joke on us, sending over footage of the facekini and then seeing how serious we take it. And so far, it's an epic fail on our part but a hilarious prank on theirs!

"GDNY": Singing and driving is one of my favorite things to do, so you could tell me that it's the most dangerous thing in the world and I probably wouldn't stop! But perhaps a good way to curb this problem is to show people video of themselves singing while driving so they can see just how ridiculous it really is! That wouldn't work on me because I'm positive that I look awesome doing it, but most other people would probably stop after seeing it!

"GMA": Wow, "GMA's" Feisty Females were full of news stories about Girl Power today! First, Robin Roberts got named to Forbes Magazine's "Power Women To Watch", then Lara Spencer reported on an all-Estro action flick starring "Expenda-Belles" Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, and Carrie-Anne Moss! And finally, we got a story about tween girls who like to swim around in spandex fishtail swimsuits and pretend to be Mermaids! Hmm. Well, two out of three!

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