‘My Extreme Animal Phobia’ Helps a Woman Terrified of Kittens

The Set

Remember the big strong man with the facial tattoo who was so scared of dogs that even an adorable puppy made him cry (and also us, when we realized what he was going through)? Well, I'll be honest: this clip from the same show, "My Extreme Animal Phobia," isn't as good as that. I guess we as an internet culture have been desensitized to the idea of otherwise rational adults being afraid of cute things. But it's still pretty good, because of the lady's sister's disbelief, the Paw Incident, and, especially, Dr. Robin Zasio. Can we just give a shout out to Dr. Robin Zasio, who, from her work on all the anxiety reality shows has proven herself, if nothing else, the world's foremost champion in the field of Keeping a Straight Face?

[Via Warming Glow]