‘My Extreme Animal Phobia’ Features Big Strong Man Afraid of Puppies

The Set

There should be a web show called "My Extreme Emotional Swings While Watching 'My Extreme Animal Phobia,'" because this video took me from giggling, to nearly crying, to giggling again. See, because of a childhood incident in which he witnessed a pit bull attack, Marvin is terrified of dogs (not just puppies, obviously) to the point where he can't even take his daughters to the park. So Animal Planet's "My Extreme Animal Phobia" introduces him to an adorable puppy that he must touch for his exposure therapy to work. It's surprisingly moving and sincere. But the second giggling happened when I imagined Marvin finally touching the cute puppy and the puppy turning into a rabid, snarling beast and biting him, of course:

[Via The Daily What]