An extra four seconds


Today”: As much as I love the stories about a really expensive Starbucks drink and a hang glider that fills up at a gas station and then takes off, I think my favorite segment from "Today" was the interview with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer! I love to hear her talk about balancing being a mom and a CEO, that's so cool! And let's be honest, the food around here has gotten much better since she came in so that make's me like her even more!

Ellen”: I haven't checked yet, because hey, who has an extra four seconds, am I right? But I really hope somewhere on the internet there's someone with music mash-up skills who's a big fan of both Kate Upton and DMX. Because my mp3 workout mix kind of needs the track "Y'all About To Make Me Lose My Mind (Upton Here, Upton Here)". Don't let me down, guys! Knuckle crack... Yahoo! Search.

GMA”: Welcome back Robin Roberts, we missed you! The show wasn't the same without you, and we're so glad to see you back in your familiar spot. Oh and speaking of that, I think I saw G.Steph sitting in your chair a couple times, so you might wanna lower it back down to normal-person height.

“Anderson Live”: The video of a baby falling in doggy doo is pretty funny. The video of a stripper pole in the middle of a library in Ireland is pretty bizarre. But the video of a really old sloth riding in a boat is just flat out disturbing and awkward! But with all that being said, Anderson finds us great videos and I'll be seriously bummed when his show goes away!

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