An Extra-Crispy Gal!


"Today": We're only on day three of the Savannah Guthrie Era, and she's already starred in a field segment about taking an F-16 jet for a spin on her way to work? Impressive, but I gotta point out, all Ann Curry ever asked for was her own parking space...

"GMA": "GMA" featured a report on "Tanorexic" girls who hit the lamps every… single… day. We even met an extra-crispy gal who leaves her daily tanning bed and goes directly to get a spray tan, "to cover up any spots they missed"! Eesh... well, call her UPS, 'cuz at least she knows what Brown can do for her!

"Access Hollywood Live": It was sure nice of Billy Bush to call in and tell us all about the mountain biking accident that landed him in the hospital recently. But it wasn't nice of George Lopez to keep trying to interrupt Billy with bad jokes about the ordeal! Luckily, this ain't Billy's first mountain biking injury call-in segment (well actually it probably is) but he just completely ignored George and went ahead with the story like a pro! Get well soon, Billy!

"Wake Up with Al": During the bug safety segment, yes that was a real segment, the entomologist was intent on showing us a beetle pulling a little mini trailer. But Al was intent on seeing a tarantula crawling on Stephanie. While both sound pretty awesome, Al knows good television, and he was right! Maybe next time they won't cut to commercial before Steph completely freaks out!

"Live! with Kelly": Wow, name-drop much, Seth Meyers? You made sure everyone heard you say to Glenn Close that the two of you live in the same fancy New York apartment building. But how could that be, when she happens to also live in MY apartment building? And don't try to tell me I'm wrong; our elevator has a special button that takes you right to her penthouse… it says "CLOSE" right on it.

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