Ew! Lindsay Lohan Like, Totally Does 'Late Night'

Yahoo! TV

"Ew!" might be right. At least, that's what we first thought when we saw Jimmy Fallon dressed as a tweenage girl for a "Saturday Night Live"-like sketch on "Late Night." But then Lindsay Lohan showed up.

Leave it to the tabloid redhead to save the day … and the joke.

For the bit, a show called "Ew!" on Teen Nick, Fallon dresses in drag to become Sara, who has braces and big opinions: "That's S-a-r-a with no h cuz h's are ew!" But before we could feel too awkward about the situation, Sara's BFFFLFR (that's "best friend forever for life for realsies," obvi) Stephanie (played by Lohan) bounds down the stairs in an intentionally laughable shiny pink ensemble.

The gals gab about One Direction ("I love Harry Styles!"), butternut squash ("Ew!), orthodontics ("Ew!"), and twerking, which really sets Stephanie off.

"It's so two zero one three," she declares. "Nowadays, it's all about scrumping." Needless to say, the pair jump off the couch and start dancing and show us that "scrumping" is not so much a dance as a wiggle with a dash of Steve Urkel.

The party's cut short because of a Hamburger Helper intrusion which proves to be an bigger "Ew!" than twerking. But Lohan turns out to be a total yay!

Watch the full clip: