Everyone's Crying on 'The Bachelor' … Even Juan Pablo!

Kelly Woo
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Things are getting serious on "The Bachelor" — the tears are flowing, even from Juan Pablo himself!

We saw two sides to the guy this week. One was the big softy who can hardly bear to eliminate any of the women and breaks down crying. And the other was kind of a jerk, who blamed Clare for a decision he was fully part of.

After their group date — in which he once again made out with a girl in front of the other ladies — Clare snuck by his hotel suite for a quick dip in the ocean. But later, Juan Pablo starts to regret going along, because he wants to be "fair" to the other women and be a good example for his daughter. Well, dude, it's not fair for you to pin the incident on Clare. She may have been the one to suggest the sexy rendezvous — but you, sir, agreed to it!

Juan Pablo finally owns his share of the blame but makes Clare cry in the process. So not cool.

Here's a rundown of the rest of the episode:

One-on-One With Renee

Finally, single mom/group therapist Renee gets a date. Juan Pablo takes her shopping for a new dress as well as presents for their kids … awww! That melts Renee's heart (and maybe explodes her ovaries) and makes her really, really want a kiss from Juan Pablo.

But it's just not happening. At dinner, he learns more about her son's father and they have a nice heart-to-heart as single parents. "There could be something here," Juan Pablo says.

That something, however, is not a kiss! Still, he gives Renee a rose, so hey, that's something.

Group Date: Sharleen, Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle, and Andi

Juan Pablo takes the nine ladies on a river boating excursion, and Clare discovers the benefit of being the least liked girl in the house — she gets to share a raft with Juan Pablo!

They fall behind the other boats, and Juan Pablo uses the opportunity to start kissing her. Yeah, the other women are further along the river, but they can totally see what's happening!

The group stops off at a "random" Vietnamese family's house for a big homemade meal, which they all pick the ingredients for in the family's farm. Depressed that she hasn't gotten a date, Andi uses the chance to bring up her frustrations with Juan Pablo, who does his best to comfort and encourage her.

Later, in the evening portion of the date, Juan Pablo takes Clare aside first for some alone time, which just angers the other women even more. He takes her to his hotel suite to swim in the pool and they make out some more. Clearly, they have chemistry.

He also spends time with Sharleen, who is feeling uncertain again after their date in Korea last week. She wants him to make her feel special, so Juan tells her she's cute and they make out. Why do we feel like Sharleen is ready to bail on this at any moment?

Sharleen and Juan Pablo on their ideal mate's must-have qualities:

Angsty Andi also gets a private conversation on the beach, where Juan Pablo tries again to let her know that he likes her and wants her around. And they make out. (Basically, he's kissed everybody but Renee!)

But Andi's good feelings don't last very long, as Juan Pablo gives the group date rose to Clare.

But the heat really rises later that night, after the group date is over. Clare sneaks away to Juan Pablo's room and invites him for a dip in the ocean. What happens in the ocean, stays in the ocean.

One-on-One With Nikki

Oh, Nikki … so sure of herself. She's happy that she's finally going on a date, because she can't deal with the group situations anymore.

"I might not get the rose on a group date. But that's just stupid, because I always do," she shrugs.

Well, she regrets that a little bit when she sees what Juan Pablo has planned for their date: rappelling into a deep, dark cave! Nikki's face goes white when she gazes down into the hole. For a few minutes, it seems like she might refuse to go, but Juan Pablo finally talks her into it.

Once they get to the bottom, they share an intimate dinner in the cave. So romantic, right? Juan Pablo asks about her job as a pediatric nurse, which blows Nikki away because not very many guys are usually interested in that facet of her life (clearly, she needs to date better men).

Nikki is a bit giddy. Her feelings for Juan Pablo are growing, and he seems equally smitten. He gives her a rose.

Rose Ceremony

Three women are going home this week, which sends shock waves through the group. Juan Pablo takes aside Renee, who basically says her son knows what's what and that he has permission to kiss her. She barely finishes a sentence when Juan just goes for it. Finally!

See their kiss:

But something about their long-awaited kiss unsettles Juan Pablo. He now feels bad about making out with Clare in front of the other women and deeply regrets their oceanic romp. Juan tells her about his change of heart — he wants to be fair to the other ladies and also be a better role model for Camila.

Juan Pablo confronts Clare about their ocean romp:

Clare starts to cry. Juan Pablo tries to smooth things over, saying he is just trying to be honest. She doesn't think it's all on her; after all, it takes two to tango, er, swim in the ocean.

The mood at the cocktail party takes a sharp nosedive, and the other girls are confused about what's happening between the two of them. She offers to give back the rose, but Juan Pablo insists that he wants her to have it.

The rose ceremony begins, with even Chris Harrison noting the tension in the room. As Juan Pablo starts to give out the roses, he tears up.

He gives roses to: Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, and Andi.

That leaves out: Kelly, Alli, and Danielle.

"It's hard to say goodbye to good people," Juan sniffles. His emotions are even affecting Opera Robot Sharleen, who starts crying too!

Maybe next week, Chris should attach a tissue to all the roses.

This week's superlatives:

Frontrunner: Renee. As soon as he got "permission" to kiss her, Juan Pablo practically attacked her.

Quote of the Week: "I need to feel that he sees me as a panda in a room of brown bears." — Sharleen

Awkward Moment of the Week: Clare, explaining her tears to the other women: "Bad allergies, girl."

Crazy Moment of the Week: Nikki, debating whether to rappel: "So I either live, or I die, or I poop my pants."

MVP: Supersweet Andi. Why she hasn't gotten a date yet is beyond our comprehension.

Best Outfit: Renee's gorgeous custom dress that Juan Pablo bought her.

Worst Outfit: Nikki's casual get-up. You're going rappelling, not grouting your bathtub.

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.