Every Six Months, Like Clockwork!


"Today": Hoda Kotb is filling in admirably for Natalie Morales during the always fun and quirky 'trending' segments! However, today she really made a mistake when she shared a video of a dog carrying a cat on his back — and she called it a piggyback ride! Hoda, I think you need to brush up on your animals! Dogs have dogbacks, not piggybacks, duh!

"Live! with Kelly": "Live!" had a fun interview today with actor Dylan McDermott, which was handy, because it was time for my semi-annual reminder from my eyes to my brain that Dylan McDermott is NOT, in fact, Dermot Mulroney. And vice versa. Every six months, like clockwork! Ooh, it must be time to change my smoke alarm batteries, too...

"The View": Great engagement story, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard! But to be honest, I would've been more shocked by it if the crazy punchline at the end was that Dax WASN'T completely naked when he popped the question.

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