If I Ever Get Arrested By The TV Police…


"Access Hollywood Live": I definitely wish Snooki the best with her pregnancy, but I really hope she still considers hanging out at the Jersey shore with her friends, too. A few things might have to change though, for instance the "smoosh room" will have to become the nursery-slash-"smoosh room". And instead of staying up until 5 am she'll have to be getting up at 5 am for feedings. And Ron and Sammi might have to curb their fighting long enough to do some babysitting, and DJ Pauly D will have to mix some Barney songs into his DJ set. But, all in all, I think this will be a good thing for all involved!

"Judge Alex": Judge Alex Ferrer is like the sweetest guy ever! I've always loved watching his show, but working with him today in MY studio was even better! I swear, if I ever get arrested by the TV police, I want my case tried in his TV courtroom!

"Ellen": Ellen welcomed a 14-year-old girl who saved her money from selling stuff she found at garage sales and on the curb, and bought... a house! Yep, she found a short sale, fixed the place up, rented it out, and now she's a 14-year-old landlady. Her only rule: loud weekend parties REQUIRED. Y'know when I was 14, I saved up every last cent I had, and that bought me... a copy of Tiger Beat. But, it had a centerfold with Joey Lawrence, Hanson, and JTT. Totally worth it!

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