Especially Long-Winded Bathroom Breaks


"GMA": The "GMA" folks tried to teach us something called "Vacuum Aerobics", which is awesome, because it combines two different things I hate doing into one terrible activity! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to finishing my normal exercise routine: Couch Sits, Remote Control lunges, and 12-ounce milkshake arm curls. I still have a bunch of reps left to do for that last one.

"Ellen": Ed Helms stopped by to show off scenes from his new movie "Jeff, Who Lives At Home", which looked pretty funny. Hey, I wonder if I can talk them into a sequel: "Nikki, Who Lives In The Internet"? I've got a perfect leading lady for them!

"GDNY": It's actually pretty funny that Countess LuAnn from "The Real Housewives of New York" said she wanted to sing along with Peter Yarrow from "Peter, Paul and Mary". Because even though LuAnn has released a couple of songs herself, I'm pretty sure Peter's music doesn't include any auto-tune. And it was pretty clear that she was definitely out of her element (insert "Puff the Magic Dragon" reference here!)

"Access Hollywood Live": There was a real life zebra in the studio today and Billy couldn't stop talking about the animal's especially long-winded bathroom breaks. But after all that build up they ran out of time and only did a couple of seconds at the very end with the zebra! C'mon Billy and Kit, how about a little less time with that lady from "Wayne's World" and a little more zebra next time!

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