Erin Andrews Shares 14 'Dancing With the Stars' Secrets

Jenny Depper
Yahoo TVApril 12, 2014

Erin Andrews stepped back into the mirrorball spotlight this season as Tom Bergeron's co-host on "Dancing With the Stars," and the 35-year-old beauty dished that being on the show is a lot like kicking back with family.

"We are like family, which is why I came back to the show," Andrews, who is an ambassador for Florida's orange juice, revealed to Yahoo TV. But when we pressed her about who the crazy uncle of the family is, the Fox sportscaster had only one answer: Tom Bergeron.

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"The crazy uncle has to be Tom. He's the one you always wonder if he is just half there, and then he is so witty and sarcastic. Everybody loves him so much."

These aren't the only behind-the-sequins-and-sparkles secrets Andrews shared.

Check out the gossip she doled out about the samba-loving cast and crew, including what she knows about the Peta Murgatroyd and James Maslow love connection.

1. Are Peta Murgatroyd and James Maslow really dating?
I have no idea, that's why I asked. It cracks me up that all the tabloids are, like, what an awkward question. My girlfriends are texting me and asking if they're dating, so I wanted to know if they're dating. I love two good-looking people dancing very well together. I hope they are, because they are adorable; but I don't know if they are.

2. Who fools around the most during rehearsals?
I would say Maks [Chmerkovskiy] or Derek [Hough]. Those two are usually very good about being hilarious in practice.

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3. Are you Team "Full House" [Cameron] or Team "The Wonder Years" [Danica]?
Both! I pretty much know every episode with both of them.

4. Who has the best "DWTS" gossip on the show?
I have no idea. That's what is so hard about being a co-host now. I'm not in the practice studio. That's what I used to call daycare, because everyone was around. But I am not there anymore, so I show up on Sundays and Mondays and I don't know anything. That's why I am asking the questions on live television.

5. Would you get back out on the dance floor in one of your old costumes?
No, I would never fit into any of my old costumes. I was about 15 pounds lighter when I was doing "Dancing With the Stars," because I lost so much weight.

6. Does anyone's significant other visit the set?
The only really significant other I've seen is Greg [Leakes] from "Real Housewives of Atlanta." That's because I know him, because I am a huge fan of the show.

7. Have you ever seen anyone pull a muscle?
Oh yeah. It is pretty natural on that set. Week 6, I broke my foot. Week 9, I hurt my back. People are going to start to be in pain now, because you're cramming all of this athletic ability into a couple of weeks. You see people grabbing and talking about their feet.

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8. Have you ever seen anyone take a nasty fall when the cameras are off?
No. But I've heard about it!

9. Do you choose your own wardrobe?
My stylist and I do. It is a collaborative thing. He brings in a bunch of the dresses and we go through fittings, and I tell him if I like it or I don't. He tells me why I should wear it. Obviously "Dancing With the Stars" has the final approval once we pick it, but it is not something that the show is picking for me.

10. What is your favorite outfit so far?
The red dress from the second week. I can't wait for the one this week for Disney week. I think the finale dress is going to [be] great, as well.

11. Do you think Richard Sherman could benefit from being on "DWTS"?
Yeah. There was a pretty big rumor that he was going to do it. I heard Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson [the Seattle Seahawks quarterback] have interest in doing the show. I am kind of bummed out. Richard obviously got hurt in the Super Bowl so he couldn't do it, but I would love to have both of those guys on.

12. Is your boyfriend, Jared Stoll, a good dancer, or does he have two left feet?
He's a great dancer. He's a better ice skater. We don't get into a ballroom, but we'll do our thing and dance around. He pretty much lets me do my thing, and he'll follow. I always love how much fun he has on the dance floor.

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13. What's one item that is always stocked in your dressing room?
100 percent Florida's Natural Orange Juice. I'll pretty much drink it morning, noon, and night. On "Dancing With the Stars," they were cracking up the other day, because they asked if there was anything I wanted in my fridge, and I was, like, "Yeah, orange juice."

14. Do you and Tom Bergeron chat a lot backstage?
We talk on Monday mornings and in a script meeting together. He sent me a really nice text message this week. He is there if I ever need him. I don't want to overwhelm him, but we've had back-and-forth about what I could do or what he wants from me.

"Dancing With the Stars" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.