Erin Andrews’ Nose Hair


Live!”: Is it me or did Michael Strahan pick a raucous pack of female co-hosts to sit in while Kelly was on vacation? Yesterday Maria Menounos kept Mike's big old palm on her chest for a few “Extra” seconds so he could "feel how nervous" she was! And Kristen Chenoweth forgot to mop up the drool pool after she slobbered all over Usher on Monday. Sure, Vanessa Williams was her typical classy self on Wednesday, but today Erin Andrews told lots of weird stories about her boyfriend's nose hair clippers. Kelly, you should probably take a deep breath before you check out the state of your dressing room come Monday morning!

The Talk”: Don’t expect me to start pulling out my fake hair and showing off all of my beauty secrets on “DiNT” like the ladies of “The Talk” did today (you’re so brave, Sheryl!) It’s not because I’m afraid, it’s simply because I’m all-natural. I hope you believe that!

Today”: Those long-lost celeb audition tapes were soooo cute! I loved seeing old-school footage of Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gwyneth Paltrow. It made me realize that those big stars were once just like the rest of us… except more beautiful and talented and lucky!

Morning Drive”: Yep, that's right! Tune into the old Golf Channel every day for at least two straight hours of golf-related morning fun! And yep, I said every day. Unlike most lazy morning shows, they're on seven days a week! But remember, they mean "Drive" like the golf shot. Please, people, do not try to watch “Morning Drive” while driving. Or putting.

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