Emeril Lagasse’s Revenge!


"Today": Umm, hello, "Today Show"? Your home and cooking segment "experts" may want to double check their facts! I just watched a whole report about the '21 foods you should always have in your kitchen', and I didn't hear the words 'cookie' or 'dough' once!  Also, I thought I heard 'brussel sprouts' in there somewhere, but I'll just assume you mispronounced 'Peeps'.

"Ellen": Since Heidi Klum said she just recently saw "The Bodyguard" for the first time (coincidence? I think not...) and since I will always love... that movie, I'd like to share with you a fun fact: Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston weren't even the first choices to play Rachel Marrion and Frank Farmer! The script was written in the 70's, for Diana Ross and Steve McQueen. And at one point in the late 80's it was almost made with Dolly Parton and Charlie Sheen! Wow. Would you take 'winning' over 'Whitneying'?

"Rachael Ray": If you've ever wondered what kind of guy Emeril Lagasse is, now you know he's the type who holds a grudge! He held onto the fact that Rachael once started his kitchen on fire and plotted for years to get his revenge and today it finally happened, how maniacal! Either that or it was just an accident. But that's no fun so lets all assume he's evil!

"Wendy Williams": During the Kyle Richards interview they decided to call up fellow "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member Lisa Vanderpump. And even though Lisa made it very clear that she was in no mood to talk Wendy just kept asking her questions about stuff! That's why I love Wendy, and that's also why I screen my calls. Because you never know what nationally syndicated host is going to be on the other end ready to put you on TV!

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