Ellen and Ted Danson have jet-lag


Ellen”: Poor Ellen… she's having a really hard time adjusting back to LA time after a week in Australia. Plus, she just spent all that time down under in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's already Fall! And now she has to get used to things back in Burbank, where there hasn't been any weather since 1972.

AHL”: The standard operating procedure on this show is that Billy and Kit do a quick intro with whatever guests are sitting on the couch. But Brad Garrett mistook the couch for a stand-up comedy club and decided to go to town, trying out material for pretty much the entire show! The good news is, he got a lot of laughs. The bad news? Between jokes about his failed marriage and not knowing who rapper T.I. was, he never managed to promote his new TV show, which was the whole reason he was there in the first place!

San Diego Living”: I loved the video of a girl dancing in her school's hallway and then crashing through the glass case on the wall! I'm just assuming that she really thought her dancing deserved a spot in her school trophy case, so she did her best to literally make that happen!

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