Ellen Stunned By Mind Reader’s Amazing Guesses


On Tuesday, Ellen and her crew became the latest willing victims to the talents of stage "mind-reader" Eric Dittleman, who blew everyone's mind by correctly describing drawings made on the spot by Ellen, her DJ Tony, and one of her writers. See Eric in action on Ellen here:

Eric totally nailed Tony's self-portrait, the writer's wizard, and Ellen's drawing of a person driving a car, even though he was wearing a pretty sturdy blindfold.

Yep, that's duct tape. And more tape underneath, holding two half-dollar coins over his eyes! So what Eric presumably couldn't see, where jaws dropping all over the studio, including Ellen's. She insisted he come back on the show again soon and do his trick all over again.

Which poses the question, just how did he do it? Is Eric really psychic? Well this isn't his first time "reading minds" on TV. He had a good run on "America's Got Talent" in 2012, making it all the way to the semi-finals, before getting voted off. (But we'll just assume he saw that coming.)

We're pretty sure he can't see through all that duct tape, so we're left guessing along with this newspaper blogger, who thinks Eric might have a tiny mic and a friend in the crowd, feeding him the answers.

What do you think? Is Eric really a mind reader?

Pfft. I knew you were gonna say that. :)

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