Ellen Scares Bethenny Frankel


"Wow, you scare easily!"

That was Ellen's first reaction on Tuesday, after pulling a prank on her protégé, Bethenny Frankel.

Bethenny thought she was shooting promos against a white screen for her new Fall daytime talk show, which Ellen is about to help her launch.  And Ellen proceeded to sneak up behind her, and scare the skinny right out of this girl, literally launching her across the stage in the process. A process that apparently that includes hazing her BFF, BF!

Welcome to daytime, Bethenny!  Rule #1: Watch your back. Rule #2: Always ask the wardrobe department to keep an extra pair of stripey shorts around, just in case moments like this pop up!

Bethenny admits: "I'm a nervous person, just in general. I'm a little on edge."

Hmm, you don't say?