Early Wake Up Call!


"Today": Maybe the cops needed a surveillance camera and a warrant to find their refrigerator raider (and it was a fellow officer! That yogurt heist will get you 20 to life, buddy!) But "Today" just had to stage a ten-minute stakeout to catch their sandwich thief: Kathie Lee! KLG is down at the station being fingerprinted (in mayo) after getting caught on camera on today's show. All they had to do was leave a turkey on rye in the fridge, and label it "do not touch -- Matt's Chardonnay". Busted!

"GMA": Okay, it's been a whole day, but the internet is still buzzing over the elaborate black and white silent film tribute to "The Artist" that "GMA" did yesterday! At least, I think they're all buzzing. There've been, like, no comments at all about it anywhere online. But it's a silent film, so I think that's good, right?

"GDNY": I'm glad to finally see a talk show acknowledge their fake skyline backdrop! In this case, Greg just used it to fill time and teach us some useless Hollywood trivia that I won't be able to unlearn, but at least he finally used it! And for those of you who think those are actual windows looking out over perfect city skylines, I've got some magic pixie dust I'd like to sell you!

"Access Hollywood Live": We all know that Billy and Kit will use any excuse to play dress up, and who can blame them?! One can only assume that wearing a fake mustache and a French beret is even more fun to do than it is for me to watch! Bonjour Billy and Kit, bonjour!

"GDLA": It was nice to get a different perspective of garbage trucks because I really only think of them as the super loud things that wake me up early in the morning! But as much as people complain about garbage trucks being loud and getting in the way, I get the feeling the complaints would be even louder if trash just kept piling up. So thanks for that, and thanks for the early wake up call! I'm supposed to be up watching all the morning shows anyway!

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