Dumbest Sport Ever?


Ow, my shin! Wednesday's "CBS This Morning" imported some footage from the UK that was painful to watch: A very unique "competition" billed as the "World Shin-Kicking Championships".

In each bout, two brave men (and let's face it, they're all men) lock arms and square off face to face, and yep, you guessed it, they start kicking each other furiously in the shins. Or at least they try to. The result looks more like an awkward folk dance. But, y'know, with way more kicking.
According to the event page from the Cotswold Olympics, shin-kicking, or "hacking", dates all the way back to 1636. Or in other words, before decent TV. Contestants are allowed to wear minimal padding, stuffing their pants with straw. but bruises and broken shins are common. (Gee, I wonder why?)

The whole thing is judged by a referee, known as a "Stickler". First one to go down (from shin kicks only) is the loser, and no kicking above the knee! Of course, here in America, we have a different name for organized Shin-Kicking: Youth Soccer!