It Drops Next Week


"Today": Wow, that was quick. "The Jersey Shore" cast already heard about the girl who jumped off the chairlift, and DJ Pauly D already wrote a song about it! It drops next week...

"Bethenny": Somewhere amongst Bethenny showing photos of her old hair styles, we saw a picture of her and Kurt Russell that was taken at her first wedding. Um, hello? When Captain Ron is just randomly at your wedding and you get a photo with him, you don't just toss it overboard, you tell us the whole story of how it happened! Did you tango with Cash? Was Goldie there too? So many questions!

"Live! with Kelly": Some people know Alison Williams for her viral videos as a singer, like that weird cover of "Mad Men", and some people know her for playing that girl on "Girls". But did you know her dad Brian is on TV too? He plays that guy on the "NBC Nightly News"!

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