I Dropped My Workout Resolution Two Days Ago!


"Today": Has rock gone soft? One of the members of the hard rock band "Haunted by Heroes" (who've played Candlestick Park and The Whisky A Go Go) had the nerve to say, "you can't become a huge rock star without good grades"! Can you believe it? He may be a sixth grade kid, but someone needs to take a few extra classes at the School of Rock!

"Access Hollywood Live": So, just like every other morning show, "AHL" had a workout segment today - most likely trying to cater to all those who ate too much over the holidays and made resolutions about getting in shape! But don't they realize that we're already three days into the new year? I dropped my workout resolution two days ago! Now all these segments are doing is making me feel bad about myself, so thanks for nothin'!

"Live with Kelly": Kelly hinted that the new co-host is going to be the giant wheel they use for their Daily Dial Trivia game because it's the only thing they spend money on and it keeps inching closer and closer to the host table. And while there's a chance she was just joking around, I'm going to assume that she was being serious and be the first to report on this breaking news. The new "Live" co-host is the giant wheel thingy, you heard it here first folks!

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