Double Dutch Dog!


"Today": Double Dutch Dog! Double Dutch Dog! I can say it all day, but you just have to see it… twice!

"The View": I love Regis, I really do. And I would normally like to hear his thoughts about most topics they discuss on this show so I was glad when I saw he was guest hosting. But then the conversation to turned to man-scaping and Regis gave his two cents on that. And since I'll never be able to un-hear what he said about it, I'm now scarred for life!

"Ellen": Ellen took Emily Blunt around in a full-sized golf cart to play some mini-sized golf. Man, I wish I had my own golf cart.. but I can't af-fore-d one. GOLF JOKE! YEAH!

"GMA": Stanley Tucci talked about his volunteer work for a worthy cause: the New York Food Bank. But hey, wait a minute... didn't I just see Stanley Tucci in a little movie called "The Hunger Games"? COINCIDENCE??? #ithinknot

"Access Hollywood Live": When I first saw that Billy brought his mom along today I thought finally he's going to behave himself. Oh, who am I kidding, I knew that he was doomed from the start! And sure enough, he made it all the way to the final seconds of the show without doing anything too inappropriate and then boom, he dropped the "hop on one foot" comment to a bunch of ladies wearing strapless bikinis. Looks like somebody's going to be grounded this weekend!

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