The Double Cheeseburger Rainbow Song


"Today": It's been one day, and four hundred listens, but we love the Gregory Brothers' Autotuned "Day-um" double cheeseburger guy here at "Dayum-time In No Time". How long before they mash him up with the Double Rainbow song guy, to make the Double Cheeseburger Rainbow song? I'm not saying that would automatically be the best thing ever… but I'll just go to their homepage and keep hitting refresh just incase!

"Access Hollywood Live": After seeing that video of a dog eating cabbage you might be wondering how on earth someone would find out that their dog likes eating cabbage! But I suppose it's the same way you find out if your dog likes eating really expensive Christian Louboutin shoes, by accidentally leaving them sitting out and then coming home to a huge expensive mess!

"GMA": I don't know why people are laughing at the cat who fell asleep in his bowl of food, I'm sure there was a perfectly good explanation for it! Maybe cat food is filled with tryptophan, you know the thing that makes you sleepy after eating turkey. Or maybe the cat was exhausted from doing his owner's a favor and hunting mice all day. Or maybe he's just the most adorable thing ever you everyone needs to leave him a lone and let him sleep in his food!

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