Dorothy’s Last Day


"Today": Congratulations to "Today" for pulling off the perfect episode ever. From a juggling triathlete to Pitbull rocking the Plaza, this show had it all! And the big finish? Just KLG and Hoda polishing off $300 hamburgers! Yep. Epic Not-Fail!

"Ellen": Happy Friday, everyone! Well, except for everyone who watches "Ellen". Because all of you have a big case of the Munndays. As in, Munnday, aka today - the day where Olivia Munn gets interviewed by Ellen! But don't worry, you still get your three-day weekend. And remember, while Ellen turned Friday into Munnday, she'll have a totally different guest on Monday. But it's also Memorial Day weekend, so remember to set a reminder to watch. And have fun!

"GDLA": Dorothy and Jillian had trouble holding back their tears for Dorothy's last day, and they weren't the only ones! Long before I got paid to watch morning TV, I watched this show on my own and while it sounds cheesy to say, I do feel a bond with these people that I wake up with every day. Thanks for everything Dorothy, and good luck in future endeavors! Steve's smug remarks aimed at his co-anchors will never be the same without you!

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