You Don’t Have a Comfortable Couch!


"Good Day LA": I'm not gonna say that people tune in "GDLA" because they have good looking female anchors and field reporters, but all of my male co-workers say that every day! So, when they take the beautiful Lauren Sivan and make her look like a scary, disgusting zombie, it kind of defeats the purpose. And while I enjoyed the makeup work that's involved to make her look that way, all the guys I work with completely tuned out. Good thing that Halloween only happens once a year!

"Ellen": I know Madonna has been accused of having "man hands" in the past, but those hands must be pretty tough, too… she spent half the interview fondling her sharp "cone breasts"!

"Divorce Court": I'm glad some shows have the guts to address real-life problems that couples face, even if they're not fun to talk about. And just so we're clear I'm talking about how sleeping on the couch can be rough if you don't have a comfortable couch, I'm not talking about passing gas in bed. That's just gross!

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