Don’t Blame the Bike Messenger!


"Today": Hoda Kotb's co-workers thought she looked "so, so bad" when she got caught on camera singing "so, so bad" while Carly Rae Jepsen was on stage, singing the actual lyric, "So call me, maybe…" But Hoda's not the first mom-aged person in the world to get the words wrong to a pop song. My Aunt Linda used to always try to sing along with the radio, so for years I thought there was a song that went "Ev'ry rose has its thorn... just like ev'ry cowboy has its dawn..."

"CBS This Morning": Okay, okay, after that mini-mini-bike story, I'm all out of bad bicycle puns. But it wasn't my fault! I didn't build the world's tiniest bike and then ride it down the street on camera! So don't blame the bike messenger!

"Good Day New York": Memo to Dave Price, just because a lady enjoys cats doesn't mean she's a crazy cat lady! Actually, the more I think about it he may be on to something, so let me rephrase that. Memo to Dave Price, there's a very small percentage of ladies who like cats that aren't crazy, but for the most part you're analysis is dead on!

"Access Hollywood Live": If you're feeling down about the way you earn a living, like say watching an unhealthy amount of daytime TV and then doing a show about it for the Internet, just remember the guy who gets paid to get hit in the groin with stuff. Repeatedly. And hopefully, you'll feel so much better about yourself. I know I do!

"Wake Up with Al": Not only does Al possibly call Willard Scott fat and/or say that he has dementia, he also sort of implies that Willard is no longer with us. Geez Al, what the heck?! Willard paved the way for goofy guys doing the weather, so you better show some respect!

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