Dogsled dog sledding


WUWA”: I'm really glad they put this video of a sledding dog up today… I think we all needed to smile. I was listening to my friends in the Midwest just the other day complain about the snow, but given the recent events in our country, I think this dog has the right idea. Embrace the day and make the best of what's thrown your way!

AHL”: Louie Anderson talked about his budding new friendship with Katherine Webb after their time together on "Splash". And it's funny how being on a network TV show could motivate him to get off the couch and be more active, while the opportunity to get hugs and kisses from a pretty lady like Katherine has really motivated him to completely change his lifestyle!

Ellen”: Ellen wanted to sprinkle a little cuteness onto the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, so she dispatched Sophia Grace and Rosie to do some celebrity interviews. I bet Seth Rogen had no idea he’d spend part of his evening blowing bubbles with two sugared-up Brit kids in tutus! But I think they may have been a wee bit more excited about Zac Efron standing next to him. Sorry, Seth. Didn't mean to burst your bubble.

Live!”: Michael Strahan scored one of his first few days off from work since taking on the new gig a few months ago. But for the last time, Mike… this is not football. It's just a vacation, so you can stop telling everyone it's your "Bye Week".

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