Puppies Do the 'Rudy' Slow Clap in CarMax Super Bowl Spot

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo TVJanuary 23, 2014

CarMax has released two different Super Bowl spots. They're very similar, save for one teeny-tiny difference. Can you figure it out?

Here's the first version of the "Slow Clap" spot, which will air in a 30-second format on game night:

And here's the other version, which will be shown only on the Web:

Stumped? Look closely and you'll notice that in the second version, none of the actors are wearing pants (we missed it the first time, too). A bold move that makes the clip very buzzy but too risqué for a Super Bowl TV audience.

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Both spots are homages to the classic underdog film "Rudy," in which the titular character, played by Sean Astin (who has a cameo in the fully-clothed version) receives a slow clap for his accomplishments at Notre Dame.

Which one do you like better? Leave a comment below.

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