Does That Violate National Security?


"Live! with Kelly": Never mind politics, you have to agree that Michelle Obama brought her A-game to today's "Live". She even jumped in with Team USA Double Dutch! I think it may be the first time a First Lady has tried to jump rope on TV since the unfortunate Betty Ford incident of 1974...

"Bethenny": I love dogs, but I'm just not sure Bethenny should have her dog on the set. While the dog's behavior, barking at and biting guests, might be problematic down the road, it's the mere presence of a dog that could hurt her. I mean the last two talk show hosts I can remember having their dogs with them are Bonnie Hunt and Fran Drescher, and we all know how that turned out! (They were cancelled, if you didn't know)

"Wake Up with Al": They did a story about the landing of an unmanned space plane that was conducting a top-secret mission. But wait, does that violate national security? Am I in trouble for having watched this show? Do I know too much?! I'm totally freaking out, thanks a lot Al!

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