‘Downton Diddy’: Rapper stars in Funny or Die spoof of ‘Downton Abbey’

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Who knew Diddy was such a big fan of "Downton Abbey"? On Wednesday, the 43-year-old rapper's fans were taken aback when he announced he would be joining the cast of the hit British period drama.

"So happy to announce that Im a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY-my favorite show," Diddy tweeted on Wednesday afternoon. He even changed his Twitter background and profile photo to the show's logo.

Despite the resounding surprise online, it wasn't completely implausible that the "Coming Home" singer would be joining the show. Back in February, ITV reported that they were looking to cast a character named Jack Ross, "male, 25-30. A musician (singer) at an exclusive club in the 20s. He’s black and very handsome. A real man (not a boy) with charm and charisma."

A British actor named Gary Carr was eventually cast in the role, but Diddy has been building a bit of an acting career for himself. In 2011, he appeared in "Hawaii Five-O" as an undercover cop, and last year he turned up in an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as a healer named Dr. Jinx.

But Diddy himself put the speculation to rest yesterday when he posted a "sneak peek" of his "Downton Abbey," -- which turned out to be a Funny or Die spoof of the popular series titled, "Downton Diddy." In it, the musician is digitally added to various scenes of the show in the role of Lord Willcocks, the new owner of "Downtown Abbey."

"Last week it was reported they cast the first black cast member on 'Downtown Abbey,'" Diddy says in the introduction to the scenes. "The only problem with this is [that] I already broke down that barrier."

Digitally shoehorned into the various scenes, Diddy calls Lady Grantham "bitchy," tells Thomas he loves him (then shoots him) and pitches IBM to the Earl of Grantham. We have to admit it: we would totally watch this version of "Downton Abbey."

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