Diddy might head to ‘Downton Abbey’ after all. What role should he play?

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After Diddy claimed to have been cast in "Downton Abbey" in May hopes were dashed when it was revealed to just be a "Funny or Die" sketch.

Or was it? (Dun, dun, dun!)

Evidently, while Diddy was not actually being considered for a role back then, he is being considered for a role now. At least, that's according to "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes who spoke about it to U.K. Telegraph.

"I loved that [the spoof]," Fellowes said. "I thought it was fabulous ... I absolutely adored it."

In fact, Fellowes apparently loved the "Downton" spoof so much that he's actually considering offering the rapper a part. "Never say never," Fellowes said. "Though I imagine he'd steal the scene, even if it was a small part."

A small part, you say? We can work with that. We can come up with several potential "Downton Abbey" roles that Downton Diddy was born to play.

- Cora's new lover: Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) realizes she needs a break from her estate-obsessed husband, Robert (Hugh Bonneville), and falls in love with this rich American lord. It is beautiful.

- Mary's life coach: Now that Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) has died, Mary (Michelle Dockery) needs some real talk. Who better than Diddy to tell her to move out of her parents' house and get a swinging singles' apartment in London?

- Mary's boyfriend: And from her life coach to boyfriend, Diddy shows Mary that life needn't be just about getting dressed up to eat with your family ever night.

- The Dowager Countess' soul mate: Finally, the Dowager (Maggie Smith) can bond with somebody who tells it like it is. If you can't stand the heat, get out of Downton!

- The inventor of popular song: We're still a few decades out from the rap game -- until Diddy shows up and performs an unexpected and unexplained concert in the Crawleys' living room. "Whatever is this sound?" Edith (Laura Carmichael) asks. "It's the wave of the future, you life ruiner," Mary cruelly responds.

- The new O'Brien: With news that O'Brien (Siobhan Finneran) will not be returning for Season 4, Diddy shows up to take her place -- at least in terms of instilling confidence into the remaining servant staff. At episode's end, the staff quits because Diddy has shown them they can achieve anything.

- The guy who tells Thomas he is the worst: Diddy walks onto the grounds, into the servants' quarters and tells Thomas (Rob James-Collier) that he is the worst. Thomas cries, Diddy leaves.

- The inventor of best-dressed lists: Aware of his own ability to look terrific constantly, Diddy shows up to Downton and begins the best-dressed trend. O'Brien's bangs, sadly, are not present to receive the award.

- Bates's tailor: After wearing prison blues for what felt (to us) like eight million years, Bates (Brendan Coyle) comes into money and seeks out Diddy, who shows him how to dress and carry oneself while doing so. (Yes, we know we're writing a lot about his clothes -- but do you blame us?)

- Just a guy who moves in with the Crawleys: One day, the Crawleys wake up to discover that Diddy now lives with them. Nobody knows why, nobody asks why, but they accept it, and the season wins each and every television prize.

Obviously we'll keep you posted with any Diddy-on-"Downton" news when we have it, but until then, please champion our suggestions by adding a few of your own below.