Did They Have A Substitute Teacher Today Or Something?


"GMA": Okay, let's recap: today's "GMA" had brides falling off beds, ultimate frisbee trick shots featuring bridges and speedboats, Carson Kressley wandering around the set decorating for Christmas, and a concert from Cyndi Lauper. Did they have a substitute teacher today or something?

"Ellen": Ellen showed off some major star power today, when she had Stevie Wonder come on and sing his classic "Superstition". And guess what? It was a really great show that went really, really well. So you know what that means... now Stevie will have to come back every November 30th and sing it again, or else it's bad luck!

"Access Hollywood Live": Why does Regis seem so angry? Is it because he no longer has a job, or because his new book sales aren't very good? Perhaps its because Kelly Ripa has already moved on and he's just a distant memory on "Live! (with Kelly)". Or maybe his orthopedic shoes are uncomfortable, his geriatric medicine is expensive and his AARP card hasn't come in the mail yet! Whatever it is, somebody needs to just give the man his water!

"Wake Up with Al": Now that the month of November is ending, I was glad to see that weatherman Mike Bettes could finally shave his beard off. But at the end of the show when Stephanie Abrams approached him with a straight edge razor I got pretty nervous for him. Then they cut away to commercial before we could see what happened so now I'm really freaking out! I sure hope he's okay!

"Today": Diamond talks, he can sing and dance and he can walk! Kids, you can have your Santa Claus… when it comes to holiday icons, I'm a Neil Diamond girl!

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